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Fashion During The Great Depression The Great Depression was one of the world’s biggest economic downfall. It started around 1929 and ended in 1939, it lasted 10 years. The Great Depression was caused by the stock market crash, which happened when nine thousand banks failed. Some of the causes of the Great Depression were unequal distribution of wealth, high tariffs and war debts, over production in industry and agriculture, and the stock market crash/financial panic. The Great Depression affected literally the whole world, it started a widespread of hunger, poverty, and unemployment. Due to the economic failure not many people were making clothing in the 1930s, but the fashion was really unique. In the 1930s people were recovering from the Great Depression so many companies and…show more content…
In the 1700s, many people, especially women, only owned two outfits. Those outfits consists of covering their entire body mainly the elbows and knees. In the 1800s, women fashion wear long dresses that touched the floor, and for men they wore garments which is articles of clothing. They wore their garments with a lot of details on it. By the 1900s everything has been improved with the fashion industry. Compared to the previous years, there was way more fashion going on in the 1900s than ever. In the 1900s there was a greater variety of clothing. Women had different styles of skirts, men had different coats for differents times of the day and for different events. Charles Frederick Worth is the first famous French fashion designer. He is the first to make use of the principles of designs of fashion. Charles is important to the fashion industry because he changed the way dresses were shown to customers by using models. He also is the first to have fashion shows to reveal his new designs. Charles did not only just sell designs to individual customers but also to dressmakers, clothing manufacturers, and to the department
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