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Wealth is generally considered as the major definer of one’s class, but there are other factors such as culture, prestige, identity and the system. One of the indicators of status is the style of clothing. Fashion has always been a way of distinguishing class since the price, brand, and style of one’s clothing reveal their economic standing and culture. Only people from the upper class are able to afford luxurious, fancy, and expensive-looking clothing used to be considered high-end fashion and was a status of symbol. This trend in fashion was very undemocratic because only rich people were able to afford what was accepted as fashionable. However, street style has become more trendy among Millenials with the rise in the popularity of hip-hop and rap. Famous models, musicians, and actors have started to adopt this style which used to be associated with the low-income class and therefore it started a trend. This shift in the fashion industry helps blur the lines between…show more content…
Both poor and affluent people wear streetwear because it is affordable by almost everyone. The difference between their economic status is not apparent at a first glance because they still dress somewhat similar. However, people are in need of showing off their status in some way. This has caused expensive brands to create streetwear lines that would let wealthier customers to still feel the exclusivity of being the only ones to be able to purchase a good. This marketing method of the exclusive brands led the upper-class to take this style and make it their own. Brands such as Off-White sell its customers exclusivity and a status symbol that will make them feel belong to a specific group rather than an item that signifies a rebellion against the formal dress code. This opens a way to appropriation of black culture, the community that the streetwear rooted

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