Roles Of Women In The 1920s Essay

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During the 1920’s many feminists saw fashion as a generator of change, as it encouraged new behaviours corresponding to the way women were dressed. This is something, which could be clearly seen in many of the influential women of the century, like Gertrude Stein, Erika Mann, Coco Chanel and Marlene Dietrich. Although they came from different parts of Europe and the US, they shared the characteristics of the new woman – being educated, independent, career women who broke free from the conventional roles women were expected to conform to, often with the use of fashion. These women were present in all aspects of society, including the arts, cosmetics, literature and performing. One of the many examples was Gertrude Stein – an American modernist,…show more content…
She revolutionised cosmetics – by creating personalized, and innovative beauty regimes with the help of scientists. She travelled throughout the world, having lived in various countries such as Australia, England, Paris and the US. Rubenstein can be seen as a resul,t as a woman who was ahead of her time, – and who serves as an example of the emancipation of women which according to journalist Michèle Fitoussi, “didn’t happen just through economic or political liberation, but also through fashion and beauty”. Ultimately, she was a fundamental part of this, by rising from poverty and to creating her own company, something which was uncommon for women. Most critics of this new fashion was men, claiming that this led women to look and act like men, and that fashion was removing the boundaries of sexual difference. Perhaps an example of this is seen, through Erika Mann – a German, actress and writer, who like many of the new women drove, smoke, travelled and was in most ways equal to a man. She was prominent in the German-speaking world, and also led successful businesses like a theatre (peppermill) and founded a cabaret. Erika Mann, was also known for being well-connected (like Marlene Dietrich and Coco Chanel) . When looking at photographs, one can see her clearly androgynous style, which she paired with her extremely short hair – making
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