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Fashion photography is committed to showing attire and other fashion things. The first fashion photographer is thought to be Nobleman Adolph de Meyer who was contracted by distributing house Conde Nast in 1913 to take trial pictures for Vogue magazine. After some time, fashion photography has built up it’s tasteful in which the garments and fashions are upgraded by extraordinary areas and story lines. Fashion photography is frequently led for commercials or fashion magazines. These days the request is developing for fashion photographers radically. It’s a field which needs a great deal of inventiveness and furthermore a considerable measure of energy towards fashion. The expansion in expanding interest for the experts with those extraordinary…show more content…
Innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solution that meet new requirements of fashion photography, unarticulated needs or existing market need. Today we can see new innovation in fashion photography industry. 2.2.1 Fashion photography Trends A trend is what’s hit or popular at a certain point in fashion photography (past, present, future) and general direction or something popular ex; vogue-latest trend in fashion. 2.2.3 Fashion photography in Sri Lanka ‘’Fashion photography is always a unique challenge. It's a constantly evolving art which a successful photographer always tries to outdo himself, crossing his own boundaries. It's a fine orchestration of the beauty of human body, clothing or jewelers, lighting, post-processing and all aspects which constitute to a fine photograph. It directly aims at promoting a person, a costume, a jeweler etc. and therefore, every curve, every highlight and shadow, every strand of hair matters in sending out the message. It's an opportunity to set trends, to be radical and to gain immense publicity.’’ ( Chapter 3 3. Methodology 3.1 Methodology framework The study aims to Investigation of the Innovations and New Trends in Fashion Advertising Photography in Sri

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