Essay On Fast Food And Obesity

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According to Centres of Disease Control and Prevention more than one-third (34.9% or 76.6 million) of U.S adults are obese. In this fast moving world, may it be people from the corporate world or even students no one really have the time to wait to get their food done. So the only way is that they buy themselves fast food. However, awareness is being created these days about the effects of fast food people are also starting to blame fast food for increasing rate of obesity. Obesity has now become a global issue and it requires serious concentration by the health ministry as well as the consumers. In this issue it requires a two way initiative in which the consumer plays an important part in bringing a solution to this problem of obesity.

Fast Food and Obesity
Whenever the issue of obesity is being raised fast food is often being linked with it. There are also many findings that support this issue. Since 1970, the amount of
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You can find a fast food restaurant in almost every corner. Wikipedia defines fast food as a food prepared and served quickly. Fast food first popularized in the 1950s in the United States it mostly specializes in products like hamburgers, sandwiches, salads and etc.
In general, fast food has more effect on children and youth than on adults. This is proven by Food Advertising to Children and Teen Score (FACT) research that in 2012, fast food restaurants spent $4.6 billion in total on all advertising, an 8% increase over 2009. For context, the biggest advertiser, McDonald's, spent 2.7 times as much to advertise its products as all fruit, vegetable, bottled water, and milk advertisers combined. Please also take in count that the amount spent on advertising is only for their target market that is the children and teens.

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