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Fast food culture, metaphor popular crash \ \ short-term popular pursuit, do not pay attention to profound accumulation and intrinsic value of cultural trend and cultural phenomenon. Today, the pace of social development, along with the further development of the network, fast food culture into a crazy era, which gradually evolved into a fashion, the impact of traditional culture. The so-called fast food only highlights "fast", but the lack of nutrition, eat more. Cultural fast food also exist such defects, the lack of content, it is not possible to reflect and represent the mainstream, more will not benefit. In the fast paced society,…show more content…
We can't find the shadow of it in the dictionary before 1995. Such a concept was first introduced from foreign countries. The invention of the fast food, fast food culture is also the first to rise in foreign countries. McDonald's in the history of the first fast food restaurant is the McDonald brothers, the now famous fast-food restaurant, in the early days of the operation is only square inch place, a table and a few stools, hanging naked stand of the tattered signs brave the wind and dew. By the development of anything is survival of the fittest, in the competition, McDonald's stay, foreigners like it's convenient, came after the KFC, pizza hut, formed the first fast-food industry, and the vigorous development, a can not be closed, the reason is the necessity of social development. The more modern human life, the faster the pace of life, what are the times, eating as a burden, a kind of time, so that all the busy people are beginning to reduce the time used to eat, and this is the time to eat, it is not time consuming and delicious fast food will gradually become the mainstream.…show more content…
fast food Background Modern commodity society, modern high-tech in the change of the traditional culture, but also to get fast food culture, fast food, fast food can not only improve people's life, but also can make people's work more quickly Cultural nature of fast food

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