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For me, the growth of fast food does more benefit than harm to the economy and people’s life. Therefore, I’m going to analyze three main issues which are the development of technology in fast food industry, the convenience and reasonable price and the transformation of nowadays fast food chain to illustrate my point of view.
With the rapid development of technology, the productivity of fast food industry becomes higher which makes the fast food business start to be passionate about science and technology and how they can revolutionize the kitchen. In the text, Schlosser states that “McDonald's Corporation has used Colorado Springs as a test site for other types of restaurant technology, for software and machines designed to cut labor costs
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The most needed change in the fast food industry, in fact, is not "meal". From Starbucks to Pizza Hut, mobile booking services are taking over the fast food industry. According to industry authority analysis agency BII, fast food sales through smartphones will account for more than 10% of all fast-food restaurants by 2020. By then, the mobile booking service industry market will reach 38 billion US dollars.
Although the restaurant mobile order service is still in its early stages, but many chain stores have begun to increase investment in this and hope to be rewarded in the future.
Some types of restaurant brands rely more on courier services, such as the pizza chain, who have discovered the importance of mobile.
In conclusion, each coin has two sides. In fact, whether a thing is good or bad is not judged by itself, it is judged by our attitude towards it and the way we use it. For me, the fast-food system could be altered—to better serve consumers, eaters, and small-business owners~~
Fast food is not healthy if we eat it for every meal. However, if we eat fast food when we need to, it’s not a bad thing any longer. Instead, it will be a very convenient choice to get meals anywhere and

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