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For me, the growth of fast food does more benefit than harm to the economy and people’s life. Therefore, I’m going to analyze three main issues which are the development of technology in fast food industry, the convenience and reasonable price and the transformation of nowadays fast food chain to illustrate my point of view.
As the rapid development of technology, the productivity of fast food industry becomes higher which makes the fast food business start to be passionate about science and technology and how they can revolutionize the kitchen.
In my research text, Schlosser states that “McDonald 's Corporation has used Colorado Springs as a test site for other types of restaurant technology, for software and machines designed to cut labor costs and serve fast food even
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There’re more fast food restaurants by the road, around the park, around the bus station, in the shopping mall and around the school. Why are the fast food restaurants so popular? Everything that exists on the world has its reason. It’s the convenience that makes fast food restaurants so popular. Many people start to work or study very early so that they don’t have much time to have a breakfast. Some get up early to make meals and others even don’t eat breakfast. With the help of fast food, they don’t need to get up so early but can also have a breakfast. When people feel hungry when they are waiting for a bus or a train but there is not much time left, they can go to a fast restaurant near the station to have a quick meal. Then they won’t be hungry any longer and they won’t miss their trip, either. When we are in a shopping mall and we feel tired and hungry, we could go to the fast food restaurants to have a rest and fill up our belly and then we will be refreshed to continue our shopping! Sometimes, we do not have much time for us to have a meal. We may not have the time or the chance to go home or go to a normal restaurant to have a formal meal, then fast food is a very convenient choice

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