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How to Tell if you have a Fast Metabolism

You may have observed that some people eat a lot but do not gain weight, whereas some people are inclined to gaining weight, even if they do not eat much. Similarly, some people apparently look quite fit, even if they do not do exercises regularly but in some cases, it may be opposite. Most important factor, amongst many others, behind this behavior of body, is Metabolism.

What is Metabolism? Not going into the technical definition, metabolism is the breakdown of food, we intake, to make it useable by the body to provide energy and build body tissues. It is a chemical process within the body, which takes place in two parts, Catabolism and Anabolism. Catabolism is the process, which breaks the food,
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The BMI chart is frequently available everywhere; you may consult it to know what should be your body weight, considering your age and height. If your weight is less than the desired BMI, you may be a victim of fast metabolism.

The above-mentioned conditions may be the indicators of one’s having fast metabolism but remember these symptoms can also occur due to some other medical issue in your body. So, having one or more than one symptoms out of these, does not necessarily mean that you have fast metabolism. For getting a clear picture, you may go for proper blood test.
Causes of Fast Metabolism
There may be various reasons, why your body has a fast metabolism but the most common reason may be Thyroids or more precisely the hyperthyroidism. Due to abnormal behavior, your body may start producing thyroid hormones in excess than the normal. This may result in fast metabolism in most cases. A person having hyperthyroidism may experience, dizziness, fatigue, excessive sweating, fast heartbeat, sleeping problems, irregular bowels, trembling of hands and rapidly swinging mood.

Want to Slow down your Metabolism Rate?
To slow down the rate of metabolism in your body, you may adopt various habits such

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