Essay On Fate In Macbeth

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Leave it up to Fate. All throughout time people have believed in a greater omnipresent force which is the reason for all that happens. This force is called Fate. Fate is essentially the cause of all actions and reactions in life. William Shakespeare was a very big fan of using the idea of Fate in his writing, often times personified by an object or being such as stars, or in the case of The Tragedy of Macbeth, the witches. If fate is the reason for everything that happens, then does it control all your actions? Yes, however, once one knows about their fate they will do anything they can to gain the power to turn the illusion into a reality, thus altering their life. Therefore, the weird sisters (or the fates) bear the responsibility for the actions and…show more content…
All Hail Macbeth, that shalt be king hereafter.” (I, iii).
This is one of the main causes for the Macbeths demise because it gets the ball rolling. The repetition of “All Hail Macbeth” gives an omnitious vibe to the lines, and mirrored what Macbeth would hear if he was king. That is a very important literary feature because it gives Macbeth an illusion of power, thus making him obsessed with making it a reality.This scene is what begins the rise and fall of the Macbeth empire. In act two, it appears as if the witches aren 't present; however, the contrary is true. The witches played a large role in act two by influencing Macbeth 's hallucinations. In Act two Scene two, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth kill duncan, the current king, in order for Macbeth to be crowned king. After Macbeth destroys the illusion of becoming king and makes the power a reality, he begins to hear voices crying out warning people not to sleep, or else Macbeth will murder them. These voices are obviously not real because the only two characters that know about the murder are both the Macbeths; therefore, they must be the witches playing mind games with Macbeth trying to rattle him due to the fact that he just messed with fate, and the order of
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