Essay On Fate In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare writes of a budding love between two adolescent lovers. However, their destiny is to never come together because of the enmity among their families. They deem it impossible to survive without one another, so they rob their mortal bodies on the souls that occupy them. The tragedy of their deaths brings the two noble homes together to unify for their children. Many people conclude that Friar Lawrence or the parents are at fault but in reality Friar Lawrence just does as Romeo and Juliet ask. The parents are clueless about the fact that their daughter was in love. Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their death because they both had free will and could have chosen their decisions differently. If you…show more content…
She lets Romeo kiss her the very first time they encounter and decides that she loves him in that short time span. She could defend her purity and said no to Romeo’s proposal because of the time span. Even after she finds out he is a Montague, she decides to run off and get secretly married knowing it would enrage her father. She could decide that marriage is too soon as she did before Romeo. In addition to this, the nurse inquires,“Are you going to say good things about the man who killed your cousin?” (3.2.4) She determines that Romeo is not at guilty instead of listening to the nurse that took care of her for years. She could take the advice of her nurse and not tried to run off to be with a murderer. She decides to drink a poison that puts her in a state similar to death to run off to be with Romeo. She also decides to put herself into the actual state of death after seeing Romeo’s soul leave his body. If she wanted, she could decide to live for the ones that love her dearly. She does none of the things that would make sense to do. Instead, she irrationally acts of her own free will. Juliet and Romeo die because they are picking the path they want to go on. She decides on being with him and he chooses to be with her. They try to overcome obstacles too great for only them. These decisions lead to the tragedy known as their deaths. They do as they please and it leads them to the taking of their own
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