Essay On Father Son Relationship

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Apparently, kids may not pay adequate attention to their parent’s teachings, but they can very well reproduce parent’s characters faithfully. In contrast, we need not worry that children never listen to us, rather we should worry in a way they are always watching us. What we wish our children to become is what we should strive to be before them. The hard job children face today is learning good manners without seeing one. They benefit from the tales we tell them over dinner or bed time. They learn from the things we explain to them about what we do. They learn to love from our love; they learn to smile from our smile. No kid is really old enough till his mother stops worrying. A mother’s relationship with her baby is not something that is easily decipherable. A mother’s attitude to her baby is usually one of the pure joy at creation. While the baby’s dependence on its mother is fairly obvious, a mother’s emotional dependence on her baby is more subtle. But the father has a more particular and personal role to perform. The child feels the difference between the father’s outlook and the mother’s…show more content…
Mother-daughter relationship is very common. Father-son relationship is very important. Even father-daughter relationship is valued and socially accepted. But mother-son relationship is looked at with little skepticism perhaps due to stereotype unhealthy mother-son relationship where a controlling or dominating mother interferes with her son 's life and refuses to let him come into adulthood of his own. But in a healthy loving relationship where mother is emotionally supportive of her son – she recognizes his sensitivity, his individuality, and his vulnerability along with his strengths – mother tends to teach emotional intelligence to her son, the effect of which translates to better mental health later and as the son reaches manhood, the outcome can be
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