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To convert the above mentioned decision into enforceable fatwas in any state, the choice has to be delivered to these states and gazetted through the states’ Fatwa Committee in accordance to techniques identified under each state’s Administration of Islamic Law Enactment. Therefore, the states have the authority to agree to, decline or amend the fatwa, and to gazette or not to gazette the fatwa. Information display that there are actually many decisions made by the National Fatwa Committee’s muzakarah that are not gazetted in the states. But it is far better for the Muftis,upon their own effort, to gazette these fatwas in spite of if there are any demands for them from any party.
For example, the 37th National Council for Malaysian Islamic
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For other states, there have been some amendments with regards to terminology and syntax. The most significant distinction can be seen in fatwas issued by the states of Perlis and Selangor. Having said that, the concept of the fatwa does not vary from the original fatwa written text from the National Fatwa Committee.
The following are the examples of fatwa text and decisions made by state fatwa committees:
State of Perlis
Fatwa 1: “There is no restriction in the use of the word Islam by any organisation, and in fact it is encouraged”.
Fatwa 2:
“A person can be declared a Muslim solely with the recitation of the shahadah. Subsequently adhering to the Pillars of Islam and Pillars of Iman, for as long as he does not make halal which is haram, or make haram which is halal. As stated in a Hadith by the Prophet (S.A.W) : Which means : “Anyone who recites there is no god worth of worship except Allah shall enter paradise”. Also his decree, which means: “A Muslim is bound to conditions except a condition that changes haram into halal, or halal into
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