Delights Training Kitchen Case Study

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Faults found in FHTS Training Kitchen are: 1. Vegetables were left outside of the cold store. 2. No arrangement system in the fridge. 3. Pieces of food were left in the sink. 4. Pest control was poor. 5. Floor of the kitchen was poorly cleaned. Task 1B Corrective actions that need to be taken are: 1. Vegetables always need to be kept in cold temperatures. Once left out of cold storage, it can be contaminated. So vegetables always should be taken from the cold store when they are needed in the required quantities to avoid any type of contamination. 2. High risk food: milk packet were kept in the middle part of the fridge and low risk food were kept in the lower part of the fridge. If any leaks happen in milk packets it would result in cross…show more content…
Pest can also carry food poisoning bacteria on them which is why pest control is important. Doors and windows should be kept closed as much as possible and fly screens should be used on the windows. Waste food or rubbish should not be kept lying around in the kitchen. 5. Kitchen area should be swept with a broom. All bits of food and rubbish should be cleaned in all corners of the kitchen. Floor should be mopped with a water and detergent mix and afterwards floor should be left to air dry. 2 Task 2 Biological hazard Bacteria is a microscopic organism. It is also the biggest cause of food poisoning known and also why most food get spoiled. It is found everywhere including air, water, animals, insects and our bodies especially our hands. Bacteria can make people sick (common symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting and nausea). We live in a world with lots of micro- organisms. Some micro-organisms are good for us, but other can make sick. We will focus on the harmful micro-organism that cause most food borne illness. Example virus, parasite and bacterial. To prevent biological contamination; • Keep potentially hazardous food out of the danger zone. • Do not work with food when you are ill. • Wash your hand after using

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