Faux Friendship By William Deresiewicz

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Friendship, a word used often nowadays, loosely as a description for people that you might be in contact with throughout your day to day life. Through the development of technology and mainstream media have we changed the way we interact and the definition we use to describe friends? Moreover, have we changed what qualifies someone to be considered a friend? For William Deresiewicz in the writing “Faux Friendship” he claims that the strong forever lasting bonds of a classical relationship do not exist anymore as we have labeled everyone as friends and the introduction of social media has diluted the meaning of friendships. I do agree with him that technology has changed the way we interact and how we view each other, on the other hand though…show more content…
Through this personal experience, I know that the “Ideal of the classical friendship” has not faded, That a “true friend, a soul mate” still exist to this day and has not “disappeared from our culture” (Deresiewicz). Moreover, I believe Deresiewicz has failed to realize the other side of social media and technology based communications. We are still able to have close intimate relationships with our closest, dearest friends utilizing the resources that they provide us. Another example is my friend Jeff Harnois, I first meet him through Xbox live which is an online gaming community. I never met him face to face and were only friends when we had our headsets on but hours and hours of playing games together we shared parts of lives with each other, over the course of 5 years he actually became one of my closest friends to me even though we had never met face to face. Eventually we meet in person and still to this day we are close friends that communicate on a day to day basis. I think Deresiewicz has failed to look at this aspect of technology based communication and the potential of creating, building and maintaining previous and new
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