Essay On Fear And Weakness

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Fear and weakness these are two main reasons behind our unsuccessful life. Fear of facing people and fear of exposing our weakness. It doesn’t allow us to do things that we wholeheartedly want to do.

Sometimes these problems become so irresistible. And we wish to back ourselves from every situation, and then it becomes a barrier to our growth.

We start to ignore challenging situations
We fear to face people
And we neglect to take new tasks that are out of our comfort zones
Especially, there are some reasons behind that; those reasons create problems, these are the key factors behind your weakness and fear.

In this article, I am going to explore those reasons and the ways to deal with that.

5 Ways to Understand, Fear and Weakness

Fear of
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Nothing comes within one day it’s your mistakes that make you a complete person.
Hiding Your Weakness: If you are bad at something, and you continue to hide it, then there is no way to get rid of it. Face it, only facing your weakness will help you to become an expert in it.

Have you learned walking in one day?
Have you taught math in one day?
Does it possible to ride a bicycle without falling once?
There are more things you need to know

Focus on one Topic at a Time: It’s not possible for anyone to become an expert in the entire subject or all the fields of life. We all feel weakness in something; we all live in this world to learn new things. Life is an exploration “The more days passed away, the more we learn.”

Reduce your work pressure
Do things less but try to give your 100 percent
Prepare for everything before you go for the final shot
If you are planning to give a lecture; make sure your facts are clear and well researched.
Get Informed: It’s all about high quality intact; how many hours you spend on getting informed about something that is beneficial for you that define how much you are happy with the result. If you want to conduct a debate, then the basic would be to learn about the topic as much as you
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