Essay On Fear In The Crucible

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What is fear? Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief of someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or threat. In my own words fear is a feeling people get when someone is going to kill them. But not all fear is bad because some people feel fear differently How is fear used in “The Crucible” ? Fear is used a lot in The Crucible, like for example when goody Proctor has to say why she fired Abigail and she said that “Abigail was no use to me” and that she thought that her husband was going to leave her Fear is different for different people, what do the individual characters in the play fear, and how does that drive their action? Well I think that every character in the movie experience fear at least ones in book,…show more content…
What are some times in history where fear became a motivator? Fear is motivator because every time in history there is a war the people fighting that war are terrified and the fear motivates them to stay alive and sometimes they do or they don't. What are some times today where people use fear as a way to get what they want? Well really depends on the situation you are in because for example if someone is trying to hit or fight for something and you either lose or get hit, the person that was hitting you or fighting you did it because he/she knew that you would be scared and he/she would have just taken what he/she wanted and then they would be happy because they got what they wanted. How did the methods of weaponizing fear today compared without fear was used in the Puritan time? Well fear now is a Totally different thing than what it was in the Puritan times. Because in the Puritan times people were scared of things that didn't exist and nowadays people are scared of things that are real like getting kidnapped or getting killed getting
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