Essay On Fear Of Bugs

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Bugs? Buuugs! You see a spider on your wall, you turn away for a second, and it’s gone! Wondering wildly, tiring yourself out as you dwell on where could it be and how it’s going to affect you. That’s a very simple reaction called fear. A very common fear or phobia is one of bugs and insects(Entomophobia). From a personal survey every three out of four people are scared of bugs in some way. What causes the fear of bugs to be so prevalent in our society? Could it be the physical looks of the insects, a simple childhood trauma, or an incorrectly wired response in our brain?
Insects, otherwise known as arthropods are freaky to most. They contain at least six legs which are used to quickly scuttle across your nice hardwood floors. We are trained
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Children may approach them expecting a friendly creature and then it jumps towards their face with all the hatred in the world bunched up in such a tiny little body. The human and insect body structures and colors are so alike it should be hard to be anything but curious about the differences. Insects possess an unorthodox (to humans) body type called an exoskeleton. The insects abdomen is the most noticeable part of an insect. On bees’ is it their bright yellow and black bodies. On ladybugs their abdomen can be seen during flight. The abdomen is the part of the insect body that contains digestive organs, reproductive organs, and if the insect has it--the sting organs. Like human stomachs insect abdomens actually expand after eating. Unlike humans many insects can only grow after molting or shedding their entire body. A process which can occur upwards of 20+ times in an insects life. Insect molting can be dangerous, the insect must have a clean air or water source to expand its size before their exoskeleton hardens again. Much to the human dismay, we don’t have wings like most insects. Many insects have two pairs of wings, although insects like flies have one pair of wings
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