An Essay About Fear Of Failure

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The fear of failure is called "Atychiphobia" in psychological language but, this fear is present in everyone. Our success in any area of our lives highly depends upon our willingness to overcome this obstacle.
We all afraid of losing, even the most successful people in the world are troubled by this fear. However, they have learned the lesson that facing the fear is better than running away from it; this difference in the perspective is what sets them apart from others.
Millions of dreams have been shattered because people are not willing to take the risks. Any successful person will tell you how important it is to take the risks in life if you want to be successful.
We are not totally responsible for the fact that the thoughts of failure terrifies
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Take these actions right away and be persistent with these methods and I am sure that you will succeed because they have had a great impact on my own life.
1-Have Someone to Motivate You
There is a reason why many successful people have mentors. We all need someone to encourage us when the fear takes over our lives.
If you are in a state from where you find it hard to proceed because you are uncertain about the future, someone who is there to support you can fill your energy with the much needed motivation.
A person who is in a good state of mind can pull you out of that downward spiral like a tow truck.
I understand that finding a mentor or a person who motivates during hard times is not possible for everyone as I too was not so lucky to have someone like that when I began my journey as a personal development blogger but, you know what? I got coached by the best mentors in the world. How? I supercharged my mind with positive ideas by reading books, opting for self help programs and watching the videos of personal development gurus on You Tube!
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