Essay On Fear Of Fear

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We all know what it is like to be afraid of something. Perhaps, what we presently fear is connected with an accidental experience from infancy stage or even in the later stages of life. Virtually every person has felt a strong fear at some point in their lives. Fear is one of the basic emotions which humans experience, express, and recognize (Ekman, Sorenson, & Friesen, 1969). Common fears are defined as unpleasant feelings emerging as normal responses to realistic or imaginary danger and considered to be an important and adaptive aspect of development (Gullone, 2000; Marks, 1987). “It is uncommon for people to fear if they are happy about something.” It was also noted, that, some people experience happiness as being relaxed or…show more content…
Important issue is that in clinical populations ‘positive emotions’ such as safeness, joy, and happiness are not necessarily experienced as pleasurable but are rather frightening (Gilbert, 2012). One reason being that previous experiences of these emotions may have been associated with adverse outcomes, for example, the person who says ‘happiness never lasts – when I feel happy I am always waiting for something bad to happen. Joshanloo (2012) reviews the empirical and theoretical evidence suggesting that, some individuals possess negative views on happiness and are sometimes afraid of…show more content…
al, 2012). However, if the positive emotion may fall into fearful reaction, it might indicate poorer psychological health. It is like spending our life imagining what we could have or should have been, not enjoying happiness that must be borne of life. Additionally, other findings demonstrate that under certain circumstances, valuing happiness may be self-defeating. Leading people to value happiness more make less happy people (Mauss, Tamir, Anderson, & Savino,
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