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Does fear stop you from becoming your best? Is fear an obstacle to building on your strengths? Our fear of weaknesses can overshadow our confidence in our strengths. Our fear of failure can stop us from giving our all. The ultimate fear that can hold us back is fear of who we really are. I find that sometimes the most important growth is painful. One of my mentors has a saying for this "… that’s what growth feels like." I’m in a challenging environment and I see people fail all the time. In fact, when people aren’t failing, they aren’t trying hard enough. There is no failure, only lessons. Sometimes the most difficult lesson is when somebody finds out they aren’t cut out for the job they’re in. But even this usually turns out to be a blessing in…show more content…
Buckingham and Clifton write: “For many of us our fear of our weaknesses seems to overshadow our confidence in our strengths. To use an analogy, if life is a game of cards and each of us has been dealt our hand of strengths and weaknesses, most of us assume that our weaknesses trump our strengths.” Weaknesses Get Our Attention We see our weaknesses as opportunities, over our strengths. That’s the pitfall — assuming that the weakness is an area of opportunity. Buckingham and Clifton write: “For example, if we excel at selling but struggle with strategy, it is our difficulty with strategy that gets the attention because an inability to think strategically will surely hurt us somewhere down the line, won’t it? If we build trusting relationships with ease but falter when it comes to making presentations, we sign up for the ubiquitous public speaking class because public speaking is a prerequisite for success, isn’t it? Whatever the weakness, whatever the strength is just a strength – to be admired and then simply assumed – but the weakness, ah, the weakness is an ‘area of

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