Essay On Fearful Dogs

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Owning a fearful dog can be very stressful and confusing for pet parents. It is not always clear how or why the dog became fearful, which can make treating the condition quite challenging. Fearfulness manifests in a number of ways in the canine world. Some dogs are more passive and their fear causes them to retreat, cower and avoid the things they are fearful of. Other dogs become defensive and their fear triggers what appears to be an aggressive response - barking, lunging, growling, air snapping and biting. In fact, canine aggression is more often than not the result of fearfulness, so if you have a fearful dog, it is really crucial that you address these issues head on. Here are some tips for working with a fearful dog. 1. Identify triggers. Before you begin any kind of treatment plan, you need to know exactly what is triggering a fear response in your dog. Be specific and thorough. What may…show more content…
Provide leadership. All dogs need effective leadership, but this is particularly crucial for fearful dogs. They need to know that someone is in control so that they don 't take on that responsibility themselves. A dog from a home that lacks consistent leadership can easily become a bundle of nerves. Being an effective leader does not mean dominating your dog or have anything to do with the domination/submission dynamic. It means that you set clear boundaries for how you expect the dog to behave and you are consistent with your expectations. It means you understand how to communicate clearly with your dog and you take the time to teach your dog how to behave. It also means that in prickly situations, you practice good management skills to avoid putting your dog in to a situation where he feels uneasy. It means that you teach your dog to default to you for guidance when he is unsure of what to do. Ultimately, effective leadership should make the dog 's life more predictable because he knows what is expected and he can count on his owner to handle uncomfortable
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