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On the night of Sunday December the 6th at 7:30, the magic of Christmas music became a reality to the hundreds upon hundreds of people who flocked to The Morrison Center for the Performing Arts, anticipating this year’s rendition of the long standing tradition that is the Boise State University Music Department Christmas Concert. It all began with a few peppy, but fun pieces such as Deck the Halls from the Jazz Band ensemble. While that was fun, let’s face it… That is not why people came out to the concert. People came out to this concert to listen to the choir and orchestra perform such legendary pieces as Handel’s Messiah, or a holiday carol mashup called Feast of Carols by Randol Alan Bass. When the chorus first entered during the fourth movement of Handel’s Messiah, I was quite honestly struck by the…show more content…
My favorite of the three pieces performed was Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. These jazz pieces mixed up the concert a little bit, providing a counter-balance to the some of the beautiful, heavy, awe inspiring pieces, by adding some spice to the concert. While this was fun, my favorite piece performed during this concert was the final piece, Feast of Carols by Randol Alan Bass. This piece is a mashup of many well known Christmas carols. The singers sang this piece with many of the same tone quality as in Messiah, but the overall balance was better. In Feast of Carols, the men could be heard just as well as the women. In the future, I would love to sing this piece because it has a magical element to it. The piece is constantly morphing seamlessly into the next small section of a carol. At the conclusion of this wonderful piece, the choir and orchestra received a massive standing ovation from the ecstatic crowd. Overall, Boise State University Music Department’s Family Holiday Concert was a massive success, and a must-see holiday

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