Essay On Federalism In Pakistan

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After the separation of Bangladesh in 1971, then the religious minorities were reduced to just three percent of Pakistan’s population, and were spread all over the federation. Religious conflicts were not vanish and many more challenges emerged. The distribution of power central and the unit was the most important issue between the Bangladesh and Pakistan controversy. The first and the worst conflict was between Sunni and Shias. The Shia are mostly exist in northern areas. It was the most worst violent conflict between this two sects. And this conflict was because of external influence like Saudi Arabia and Iran etc. The external power leading the madrassahs in North West boundary line province NWFP and Balochistan. The Islamic parties did…show more content…
There are two aspect which are highly responsible for the strong role of the center in Pakistan. The first one is in the start there was no any constitution to run Pakistan in a better way. During this period the political system was virtually turned into a unitary system. Secondly in all the constitutional setup the balance of power has been greatly shifted in favour of the central government. Pakistan has faced the lack of a stable representative government and remained under a non-democratic and military rule for a long time. This was a biggest problem in Pakistan at that time. Because there was not constitutional set up from 1947 to 1956 for a long time. And then when the constitution made there was no check and balance and the power was shifted to the central government. Therefore such political system, the center’s role became dominant over the affairs of the unit and the major of federalism were discouraged. The government was totally based on the 1956 constitution but this was not live long because of the political chaos. So that the constitution of 1956 failed after a short time. (Jahangir, 2010) Important of sovereignty was another issue related to the federal nature of the
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