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Federalism in India: Political Economy and Reform. Introduction The term federalism is used to describe a system of government in which sovereignty is constitutionally divided between a central governing authority and a state or province governing authority. It is a political concept where people are elected by the citizens so as to form a government with a representative head to control the system of government. The government of India was originated by the Constitution of India and it is the governing authority of federal union of 29 states and 7 union territories. The government of India is based on a tiered system, the constitution originally provided for a two-tier system of government that is the Union government and the state government. But later a third tier was added to the constitution in the form of Panchayats and Municipalities. The seventh schedule of the Indian Constitution defines the subjects and the executive powers of each tier of government on the subjects. The legislative section is divided into three lists, they are the Union list, State list and the Concurrent list. Union List The union list contains 100 subjects.…show more content…
To the degree that the essence of federalism is based on representative self-governing politics, the role of political parties in the interactions between central and state level politics is a decisive aspect of federal structures. To demonstrate, considering the extreme case where government powers are theoretically decentralized with residuary powers left behind the state level, but the national and all state governments are controlled by a single, firmly hierarchical political party. The outcome of this will be the same as in a centralized, unitary

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