Essay On Female Characters In Joss Moody's Red Jacket

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Moreover, Sophie Stone partakes in society’s attempt to criticize Joss Moody. Sophie Stone says, “The nineties are obsessed with the private life. The private life that turns suddenly and horrifically public (Kay 125). Sophie tries to persuade Coleman to get information of his father’s past, so she can expose him in a news article. Though after death Joss is discovered anatomically a female, he has lived his life as a man meaning he should be considered a man. This is a constraint exercised by society. A female who portrays a male and a male who portrays a female are neither respected nor accepted within the society’s system.
Kay disallows readers to see society true opinion of Moody’s new discovered secret, nonetheless it is seen through
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On the contrary, the role of male characters are revealed through the life of Grace. Mordecai takes a different approach than the previous authors by erasing the image of the stereotypical, traditional male and instead, she presents well-rounded, non-traditional male characters. The two non-traditional male characters (Gramps Carpenter and Father Jimmy Atule) provide a balance in the protagonist’s life. Gramps is the first man Grace encounters in her life; therefore, he becomes her first educator. Gramps continues to educate and teach in his writing once she has set off to North America to beat the odds: “While we are on that matter, I also wish you to promise me that when you are famous, you will make things possible for others — especially those of your own race” (Mordecai 66). For many females, the mother, grandmother, or some female figure teaches or guides the adolescent female, but here Gramps teaches Grace. He teaches her morals and ethics; he teaches her how to survive. “True, Gramps arm her with counsel about how to survive winter, but she never experiences nothing like this” (Mordecai 133). Gramps is an educator, protector to Grace Healer. To Grace, Gramps is like Papa God. He is wise and he teaches her things no one else
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