Essay On Female Objectification

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Objectification is the placement of a particular gender in a state of servitude to the opposite gender. Primarily, female objectification places women in current society as figures that serve males. Female objectification is often based on physical attributes rather than mental and spiritual traits (Dawn M. Szymanski, 2011). The intended objectives fail to take into account the desires and needs that women need to develop healthily. As a result, female objectification serves as a debilitating factor in the progression of gender equality in current society. Female objectification is often displayed within social media platforms. This phenomenon used in advertising platforms makes them more appealing to the male gender. Objectification plays to the desires experienced by men. Advertising’s main function is to create a need and then provide a product to fulfill that need. Through this technique,…show more content…
Advertisements that display women as sexual objects cripple the mental progress of women. Young minds are susceptible to influence from social platforms. Consequently, the messages conveyed from these videos instill the dependence of women on the male species. The need to gratify a man’s desire places the woman at a state of submission. In addition to this, the phenomenon causes distortion of the views behind sexual relations. Women and men begin to view sex as a form of recreation and pleasure (Amanda Zimmerman, 2008). Often ignored are the important aspects about the intimate display of affection, such as the need to connect. The desecration of such as an act of passion leads to the fabrications or the abuse of the historical truths of relationships between women and men. Sexual experimentation begins at an earlier age leading to teenage pregnancy amongst the youth (Amanda Zimmerman, 2008). The lack of appreciation of sex as a tool of connection leads to the loss of moral values within
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