Essay On Female Offenders

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To greater comprehend the perpetrator, it’s essential to recognize the aspect of the history of the wrongdoer that participate in their direction concerning crime. In the past, females have never caught the eye as criminals until recent years. The rate of female offenders has sky rocket in the modern time that engage in the criminal justice system. There are numerous obvious questions for the system and several obstacles that the female offender faces. The people in the criminal justice system such as police, prosecutors, and judges are more sympathetic towards the female criminal. Although they are more lenient to the females, females still endure prejudice and difficulties in the criminal justice system. Female’s offenders commit numerous various types of crime in society but frequently recognize as less of a trouble. The three major crimes that the females commonly perpetrate and have a high rate of incarcerated are violent, property, and drug crimes. The incarceration percentage of the violent crimes is at 37.1 percent. This was the highest incarceration rate among female’s offenders that are behind bars. The imprisonment rate for property violations is at 28.3 percent, coming in second out of the three standout crimes. The last percentage of the incarceration…show more content…
The community dilemmas that contribute to the increase incarceration of women in the criminal justice system are racism, single-handed mothers, divorce, gender, poverty, poor income occupations, and lack of education. The most of the influence element is women’s equality. Female’s offenders commit crimes for different unknown reasons and in the past apparently to commit small offenses. The minority females are more likely than white females to be incarcerated (McNamara & Burns, 2009, p. 161). Many of the social problems essentially are responsible of the growth of excessive imprison
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