Essay On Feminism And Misandry

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Feminism, Misandry, Sexism and Patriarchy

The word ‘feminist ‘ to me means a person, not generally a woman, who fights for women and their rights, it means that a person wants equality for both men and women
Feminism started out as a movement which helped women gain rights. It was a social, political movement and it helped women win the right to vote, and so it helped decrease the wage gap at work, it helped women take maternity leave from work.
Feminism helped women gain rights to work as judges, it inspired popular figures to speak about it, it helped women fight against the crimes and abuse etc.
It was empowering and liberating when it made women realize that only they could control their lives, what they chose to work as, what they chose to wear.

Sometimes feminists used
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Feminism can only cease to exist when women achieve equality with men in all the spheres .Feminism needs women to be united as well, instead of women criticizing other women because of their choice of relationships, or because of their choice to stay at home.

Patriarchy still has to be abolished, and for it to be abolished, we need men to change. Our brothers, sons, fathers and husbands needs to be taught about how and why patriarchy affects women. We need to realize that gender constructs are also racist and sexist and that trans women are also women, anyone who chooses to be a woman inspite of their assigned gender at birth is a woman and should be accepted .One shouldn’t have to satisfy the society’s ideas of feminism in order to identify as a woman . The change needs to start from our homes, so as a whole, the new generation of males and females grow up in a world where patriarchy/ matriarchy is non- existent and where men and women, have a freedom to express themselves in any way and without the fear of offending people just because they don't satisfy gender
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