Feminism Divisive

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Why is feminism divisive in the world?

Feminism has always been one of the most popular topics to debate about. It is defined as movements of people who support and fight for women’s rights in society. Even after lots of years, the fact that women are still subjugated bothers feminists around the world. So what are the reasons? Why can not all people in the society treat women as respectful as how they treat men? To answer the question, it is necessary to look back to the history. In Canada decades ago, women were considered to be in labour force until they got married. Even until then, they still did not have much freedom in the house, since it was thought that men were the boss in the family. Not only in Canada, people from China and most of the Asian
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Men and women are born balancedly, like ying and yang, and society can not survive without having both. When one says that men are more powerful and smarter so they should be in charge, I must say that is wrong. It might be true that men are born physically stronger, but women can live longer and have better health as a gift from nature since they have to go through giving birth and feeding babies. In addition, it is narrow-minded to think that men are smarter. Most men are better at logical thinking and analyzing, women are usually creative or good at writing and feeling. But in our modern life, there are many female engineers and successful businesswomen, meanwhile male artists, writer or poet can be very talented. The divisive of feminism in the world is not only what is left from history, it is also a product of shortsighted thoughts and arrogance, which should be erased by educating people better about the issue. Sexual violence should also be restricted and women must recieve better treats. Feminists should try harder and never give up, because the world is changing everyday and it is positive that there will be a very bright
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