Essay On Feminism In August Wilson's Fences

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A feminist look at August Wilson's play Fences will clearly show that Rose Maxson, as being the strongest, the more faithful and the more powerful of all the Maxsons. Her realization about her life makes us appreciate the epiphany process. A feminist critic focus on women as a separate being and by women's interactions with a male-dominated society. When Lyon does his regular visit to the Maxsons house, he comes and ask his father for ten dollars, Troy doesn't want to give him the money until Rose demanded him to”Let the boy have ten dollars,Troy.” Act two scene one, Troy breaks the news to Rose that he have cheated on her and got another women pregnant. Rose continued to be faithful to him and continued to look forward to working things out with him and still maintain the household.After hearing Troy's mistress has died during the birth of the baby, Rose took the responsibility of taking care after the baby. “A motherless child has got a hard time.From right now...this child has a mother. But you a womanless man.”(Act Two: Scene 3). After the death of Troy, Cory came to tell …show more content…

Even though she suffered from the beginning to the end of the play where her husband dies, Rose is proven to be very strong and takes charge of her family even with the death of her husband. She mends everything together just like the fence symbolizes in her family. She does not allow her family to be disrupted no matter what. Even though Troy is bold enough to open up to his wife about his secret affair, Rose keeps her cool. Despite all that, she does not see it as an opportunity for her to get her revenge. Were not for her strong nature, Rose would have left her husband and look for a different man who can take care of her. Rose is the reason for her family’s unity.The fact that Rose manages to get her son to forgive his dad. Rose is the strongest character, she was able to survive in a male dominated

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