Are Women Still Relevant Today Essay

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The society in Victorian England considered men superior to women in every respect and the place of women was the kitchen and childbearing. Mill made powerful arguments supporting the rights of women. Looking back, the question is whether his arguments for feminism are still relevant today. The answer is yes. Women still struggle against ingrained societal bias that limits their potential, although it is evident that in terms of ability and potential, women are the equals of men. Liberal feminism calls for equality between men and women, which is what Mill was advocating. In the recent years, the society has made significant progress towards an equal society where men and women have rights. Women can work and men are sharing domestic roles in the marriage. However, according to radical feminism, the progress made is too little and has created more problems for women. Within marriage, women do double work as paid workers and unpaid domestic workers. In the workplace, women are denied opportunities for promotion and earn less than men earn. Radical feminists call for radical restricting of the society in order to smash…show more content…
He also argues that men and women are equal and any inequality that exists is not natural but a social construct. Since men and women are equal morally and intellectually, women should not be placed in an inferior position to men. The arguments of Mill’s are still relevant because women still suffer humiliations from the society. In Western Europe and North America, women have made tremendous progress in the fight for equality with men, but that is not the case in many parts of Africa and Asia. In Saudi Arabia, for example, women cannot drive or move freely without accompaniment of a male relative as a chaperon. This in my opinion, is dependent on the culture but is not acceptable. Women are capable of anything, even by
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