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Have you heard the term “feng shui” before? It is a complicated ancient science in Chinese that examines how the arrangement things or objects around them affect the energy (or “chi”) in the body and in the environment. The practice of feng shui aims to create harmony among everything and maintain a good flow of “chi” for good luck, health, happiness and prosperity.

A living room is the place where family members spend the most time together. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this gathering place to ensure the family 's happiness. This place needs to be beautiful, practical and has strong, fresh energy. Here are 6 feng shui tips about the living room you should know:
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That way, the energy is no longer strong or fresh; in fact it can be stagnant. Instead, you need to choose a location where chi energy can enter directly without any obstacle.
2. Maintain a clean and clutter-free space
Feng shui can 't work in a messy living room with piles of catalogues or children toys scatter around. A clutter-free, organized space is the key to practice feng shui. In an essential, a messy, cluttered space and god feng shui can 't co-exist.
3. Have natural, good quality air and light
Air and light play very important roles in creating good chi energy. It is recommended to get as much natural light and good quality air as possible for the living room.
There are several ways to obtain a great amount of light:
• Through windows and door: The locations of windows and door are important to bring natural light into the room. However, remember that you can 't have more than two doors or too many windows: it create a chaotic state of energy that doesn 't benefit the body at all.
• Mirrors: mirrors reflect light and make a room looks brighter and more airy than it actually is. It is a very simple but effective

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