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FENNEL – Foeniculum vulgare


Fennel is a tall, erect, feathery plant that has a blue-green hue, and has large succulent hollow stalks. It can grow up to seven feet in height and is usually three feet in width. It has small, yellow flowers that grow on 15 to 40 little stalks. These bright golden flowers bloom from July through October. The leaves of the fennel plant are divided into several different feathery sections. In addition, fennel has a thick, perennial rootstock that grows four to five feet in length, and can be harvested in the spring.


Fennel is a perennial plant that is indigenous to the shores of the Mediterranean. It has spread to surrounding areas and now grows wild in Asia Minor and India. In addition, it is commonly cultivated and sometimes found wild, in the United States and Europe. Furthermore, fennel has been naturalized in Australia. The best-growing locations for fennel
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However, the seeds are used most often in herbal remedies. Fennel seeds help to relax muscles, such as tight muscles which cause backaches, and help to relieve toothaches. In addition, a decoction of the seeds can be used as an eye-wash to help relieve eye irritation and eyestrain. In addition, both the seeds and the root are used in stomach and intestinal remedies. Finally, the seeds can be boiled in barley water which can then be drunk by nursing mothers to help stimulate their flow of milk.

Furthermore, Fennel essential oil mixed with sugar is an excellent remedy for flatulence. Fennel oil can also be added to gargles to help relieve coughing and hoarseness. Externally, fennel oil can be rubbed on sore joints to relieve rheumatic pains.

Cautions: Extremely high dosages of fennel can overexcite the nervous system. Fennel essential oil must be used very carefully since it can cause convulsions in relatively small amounts.


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