Essay On Feral Ungulates

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Without knowing what the long term consequences are feral ungulates which include pigs, goats and sheep were all brought to Hawaii by foreigners as a food source and some were also brought in for sport hunting. What started as a good intention soon turned into a menace for the Hawaiian Islands as these animals destroyed native plants, threatens the existence of native animals, and lastly threatens the health and welfare. With no predators except for humans, the feral ungulates reproduced at an alarming rate and nothing was put into place to control the populations of these animals. Therefore the population grew and the problems that came with it also became a huge factor in the livelihood of all that inhabits the Hawaiian Islands. Methods to control the population of all feral ungulates need to be put into place to protect the native species of Hawaii which in turn would preserve the traditions and the culture of the Islands. Feral ungulates are a huge problem to the native plants because of their constant feeding. These animals…show more content…
Grazing is a large part of why many native plants are becoming rare as grazing causes the plants to be uprooted. Farmers are frustrated with these animals because it causes a loss in income due to the damages that feral ungulates such as pigs and goats cause to their crops. Crops such as macadamia nuts, coffee, vegetables, and fruit orchards. Not only are crops being destroyed but landscaping as well. There are many homeowners that care for their yards only to be a victim of the overpopulation of feral ungulates invading and destroying their yards. As stated by the Rainforest CRC, “Feral pigs prey on and compete with a range of native plant and animal species, and
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