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Feeding and accommodation
Ferrets need a constant access to water, without this they can become seriously ill (A) (RSPCA, 2016). Ferrets are carnivorous animals and need a strictly meat diet to enable them to have sufficient nutrients (A) (RSPCA, 2016). Furthermore, they need constant access to food as they have such a high metabolism; it is known as better practice to feed them little and often rather than twice a day (A) (RSPCA, 2016). This was a known problem with the ferrets in the animal unit as they were only getting fed twice a day on small rations. However this has now been changed to an increased amount of food and increased servings of food per day. Ferrets are not able to digest excessive amounts of fibre or complex carbohydrates
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Reflection on own performance
I do think I have strong points and weak points when it comes to ferrets. I handled the ferret well considering I was having an allergic reaction to the rabbits. I class myself as confident when handling ferrets as I have some experience with ferrets. Furthermore, I completed an assessment about ferrets so I do think my knowledge of ferrets is higher than most. I do think I need to get more confident at handling the lesser socialised ferrets to try encourage them that handling is not so bad. There is always going to be parts of information I do not know about ferrets but I would like to widen my knowledge on these pets as they are becoming increasingly popular for people to keep as pets.
Overall I do think the husbandry of the ferrets needs improving such as the thorough cleans of the enclosure as ferrets do have an unpleasant smell about them. The actual body condition of ferrets are really good in most parts, I do think there general care needs to be looked into a bit more for example nail clipping, health

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