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In this world there are several populations of people who face greater risks and difficulties than others. For these populations, there is usually a specific reason or cause that can make life more difficult than it is for others outside of the population. As professionals in the human service or social work fields, we need to be able to identify these at-risk populations and find ways to assist them with their problems in life. Children who are at-risk are especially vulnerable and need the attention of professionals who may be able to help. One population-at-risk in particular would be children who suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Our textbook defines Fetal Alcohol Syndrome as the negative effects on a fetus caused by alcohol consumption…show more content…
It suggests adapting play therapy to use for specifically helping children with FAS. While no research has been conducted on play therapy for children with FAS, it has proven to help with behavioral problems, hyper activity and attention problems, social skills, and cognitive problems. The play therapy is child-centered and works to build self-esteem, reduce aggression, and improve concentration and social skills. It is suggested that this therapy could be used for all of these reasons, along with as an assessment and teaching tool for children with FAS. Their abilities and impairments could be observed while playing and then teaching could be formatted to their needs within the play therapy. It is also suggested that children with the syndrome are given an advocate to help communication between child, family, school, and others (Liles & Packman, 2009).
Since Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is “not only the primary cause of mental retardation in the United States, but also the most readily preventable,” then it is obvious that children with this syndrome are at risk (Liles & Packman, 2009). They would benefit from the help of social workers throughout their lives. Most of the interventions in place have focused on the prevention of FAS through awareness. While that is extremely important, more can be done to

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