Fidel Castro: The Three Types Of Power

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There are three main types of power, and many people posess all of these types. One of these people is Fidel Alejandro Castro, the old communist dictator of Cuba. He was the first person to introduce communisin to the western hemisphere. Even though he may have been seen as a tyrant, he did a lot of good for cuba, as all people there have food, water, shelter, free education, and healthcare, as well, with Cuba being a dictatorship, there is a far lower crime rate than in other places, this is also due to the fact that everybody has the same opprotunities. Fidel had an interesting rise to pwer, and stayed in power for 47 years before resigning, and passing his power to his brother Raul. Fidel Castro had a very strong source of all three types…show more content…
Fidel Castro tried to run for government in 1952, serving as a candidate for the Cuban Peoples Party. His ability to speak helped him make followers out of many of the young people in the party. The party was expected to win the election, but General Barista took controll of the country through the use of the armed forces. Fidel tried twice to overthrow Barista’s dictatorship, the first attempt in 1953 failed, and Fidel was sentenced to jail for 15 years. He served 2 years before Barista freed Fidel due to public demand. The second attampt of Fidel to overthrow the government was succesful, Fidels rise to power is much like Vladimer Lennin because they both used current issues, such as inequality and corruption, of the Cuban government, and the Russian, to convince people to turn on their current government, and support reform. and Fidel Castro rose to power in 1959. This demonstrateds relational power because Fidel was just a nobody, but through his relationships, books, and eventualy speeches, he was able to convince people to help him become the ruler of…show more content…
He abolished segrigation in Cuba, and was very anti-racism. He also introduced social wellfare, universal education, nearly garunteed employment, and good healthcare. He introduced Communism to Cuba, as had been done in Russia, but Castro’s form of communism was closer to the true Marxist ideal, without as much abuse of power, or ukrainian genocides, therefore it was far more effective, and much longer lasting. Not every Cuban was a fan of Marxist philosophys of equality. hundreds of thousands of middle, and upper class Cubans fled to the United States, where they could continue their life that capitalism had blessed. Many Cubans supported Communism, as it gave them a chance to succeed. While Castro had done some terrible things while in power, such as torturing, and murdering Batista government supporters, he has done more good than harm to
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