Fidget Spinners Should Not Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Have you ever wondered how fidget spinners could positively affect learning in a school environment? Many people think fidget spinners are useless toys, but some believe there is more to the spinners than that. They can be used for helping kids in schools in ways not many people thinks about. Fidget spinners can replace disruptive distractions, help kids interact with each other, and help them pay attention. First of all, fidget spinners are less disruptive than other ways students fidget. Most fidget spinners can be spun without making noise, those that do make noise, should not be used in the classroom. Other types of fidgeting can create noise including talking in class, banging pencils like drumsticks, and tapping pens. This also creates distractions for the students sitting by the fidgeter. Additional distractions that students create for one another include, chewing fingernails, twisting hair, and drawing on their homework. Spinners are less distracting than slime which some children are using to fidget with, because spinners are not sticky and they do not make a mess. Fidget spinners could replace these distracting and annoying behaviors. “Whether…show more content…
They think fidget spinners cause injuries and are dangerous. This only happens when students are irresponsible and perform risky tricks including spinning the toy on their face. If kids are doing tricks with them, then the spinner should be taken away. The benefits of the fidget spinners outweigh the problems with them. Another concern for people who are against spinners at school is from some teachers. These teachers say allowing children to have spinners in the classroom is distracting to other students and to the teacher. However, if the child is using it discreetly like under the desk, and is not doing tricks, there should be no problems and no one should be distracted by the fidget
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