Essay On Field Experience

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My journey at Norfolk State University has been a series of challenging experiences, I have seen heights that I never thought were possible, and have overcome a lot of obstacles as I reflect. This spring semester marks the beginning of my senior year here at Norfolk State University and I am looking forward to obtaining my degree in the field of Social Work. I am both frightened and excited by the unknown experiences that lay ahead, however I am eager to embark on my career as a practitioner. This is where the rubber meets the road and I apply what I have learned in the classroom to the field experience. The Core Competencies and the values are the foundation of Social Work, and it is my duty to reflect the foundation in my intern experience. Leading to this point I have learned about the core competencies and values that I now must put to practice. This is a living journal meaning it will constantly experience diverse highs and low throughout my internship and note the journey. I am challenging myself to become involved in every aspect of my organization I feel as though this will maximize my opportunities by increasing my marketability in the job market. The Focus Center offers a great deal of treatment groups that aid the community in positive growth. I cannot wait until I am able…show more content…
Challenging for me because I am documenting a place/time in someone’s life that can have an effect on the rest of their life. Gratifying for me because I have the knowledge that can aid someone in bettering their life. This internship that I have embarked is not just to fulfill a requirement at school, but to better me as a person and professional. The Focus Center is a community based organization that believes in the ABCD model which is identified as Asset Based Community Development. This model translates into utilizing the resources within the community to establish positive
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