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Figure Skating The Winter Olympics: a time that people all over the world wait for every two years. People both old and young are glued to the screen as the best in the world from all types of sports compete. Crazy jumps, twists and grace seem to be present in every sport but even more so in figure skating. People around the world marvel at the complexity and training that figure skaters unavoidably add to their performances. Such skills! A great many people wonder just how hard it truly is to figure skate and what amount of training the skaters must go through. Figure skating is the most popular and anticipated sport of the Winter Olympics and skaters train extensively to prepare. What people don’t see are kids starting to skate and train at the age of three. People don’t see the skaters forced to have abortions in order to have success. The world doesn 't see the exhaustion and hunger that skaters face after hours of intense training. Stricter regulations need to be enforced in figure skating to protect the skaters from starting too young, unrealistic training and medical practices that may be forced for success. The Right Age to Begin Skating Ever true athletic parent in the world want their children to follow in their footsteps…show more content…
There is more to a figure skaters training though than what people think. Figure skaters have to train in many ways; such as, (1)ballet, (2)balancing practice, (3)stretching for flexibility, (4)learning moves and steps off the ice, (5)correct gear, (6)cardiovascular warm ups, (7) actual on ice practice. All these different parts of training add up to hours of harsh strict training that can easily fatigue any person. It’s not easy to learn so many complex twists and jumps not to mention all the footwork! It takes stupendous amounts of force and energy to be able to leap into the air and twist as many times as figure skaters

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