Essay On Film Editing

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When looking at films you have to look at every aspect of the film. When it comes to most people they will watch the film and not notice little details such as framing and editing. Now being an editor my self, this is one issue that bothers me with casual viewership of movies or any other types of film. Thats when they think the editing was just done and that it takes not effort and people think that the clips are just put together. I can safely say that this is 200% false and that being an editor takes a ton of thought and process going into how a clip is placed, how much time before cutting it or anything along those lines. So as a person who watches a decent amount of movies and works on film on the side, I would say the most intriguing of the movies…show more content…
So first lets dive in and breakdown the couple scenes with awkward long takes. We first experince this type of long take in the very beginning of the movie after it shows the clips of him watching fights on the internet. It can be said for two scenes in the beginning and the first one is when he watching the porno, you are thinking to yourself what is going on and why am I watching a girl get talked to in the way she was being talked too. This scene runs from (00:50-2:10) and I understand its longer than thirty seconds but some of these movie clips just run on forever and its difficult to exclude. To breakdown this scene lets look at what has happened before and after the clip, then well take a look at the meaning of the introduction. So just before this clip you can tell that someone was watching videos on the internet on some random website. We know that were on the perspective of someone surfing the web. Then as we go towards after the clip we see our main character watching the video through a camera on his computer. Someone then knocks on the door and it goes to an awkward shot of him sitting in
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