Films Influence On Culture

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Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This question has been hotly debated for centuries with no hardline conclusion. The question “do films shape culture, or does culture shape films?” has the same cyclical, unanswerable nature. Films cannot change culture without in some way reflecting it, and films cannot reflect culture without in some way affecting it. Film is inextricably intertwined in today’s culture, both as a means and as an outcome. Through movies’ ability to stay grounded in some truths, yet also push social boundaries, it is clear that films shape culture, and culture shapes film, making more important now than ever that filmmakers are aware of what they are putting out and the implications they will have. Not every movie producer …show more content…

In his article about how political films have the power to change minds about the government, John Guida discusses Dr. Pautz’s idea that “movies can be a great mechanism for conversation and reflection.” Whereas we as a society might find it hard to confront issues, movies such as Get Out allow for a broader conversation about racism, Moonlight masculinity, Wonder Woman female empowerment, and so forth. But without showing grounding themselves in reality, these movies would not have the effect they did. For example, in Wonder Woman, Diana questions the frailty of women, wondering how they are supposed to fight in constricting dresses. By showing current, or at least World War II current, views of women, the film is able to explore the ways in which women do not need to behave the way they have always been taught to. Furthermore, by making characters relatable, them pushing the boundaries of society is seen as more acceptable, and therefore people are more likely to follow suit. Ergo, it is even more important that filmmakers consider the stories they decide to showcase to see if the change would be a beneficial

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