Essay On Financial Crisis In Pakistan

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Financial Crisis of Banks in Pakistan 2008
Impact of global financial crisis on the Pakistan
The global financial crisis has changed the world scene. The millennium brought a lot of the problem itself. The most popular question at the beginning of the war on terror; now is the global financial crisis. The crisis has created all the nations of the world, both developed and less developed countries alarming situation. But its main victims of the developed and developing countries. The world has never before seen such a crisis. Funds from different industries have been revoked leadership in these sectors, such as handcuffs helpless and apparel industry, food plants, banking and stock exchange, and more expected exit from other sectors.

Investors are looking for the safest investment funds sectors, so the main investment occurs in the real estate. The main part of this investment will be the United Arab Emirates (Dubai in particular). The financial crisis led to layoffs of organization, the unemployment rate is the highest in the United States 26 years ago, and the like is the case in India, China, England, Japan, Pakistan and other counties. . This creates world peace may affect people's despair. More, many analysts say, many Third World countries, the government will cut its budget to reduce spending on
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Moreover, due to political instability and less exports, because Pakistan's foreign exchange reserves declined, Pakistan faces enormous capital flight. All socks jams and exchange-traded stock price has fallen to a very low price, people have lost millions of rupees Stock Exchange. The government has set up a reserve to support the stock exchange, but people have lost their trust, so no big deal is happening in the stock market. There are reports that the Karachi Stock Exchange will be liquidated rumors, but these are just
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