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Fingerprint recognition refers to the automated process of verifying a match between human fingerprints. Fingerprints are one of the types of biometrics used for identifying individuals and verify their identity. The analysis and study of fingerprints for matching generally requires the comparison of several features of the fingerprint pattern. These include patterns, which are characteristics of ridges and minutia points, which are unique features found within the fingerprint patterns. It is also essential to know the structure and properties of human skin to successfully employ some of the imaging technologies. There are many human biometric features that can be used to confirm the identity ,such as voice, hand geometry, face, finger print and retinal pattern of eye. Among all these features, finger print matching is the most popular and reliable biometric technique for automatic personal identification.…show more content…
Sixty to sixty five percent populations have loops, thirty to thirty five percent has whorls, and about five percent are arches. These three classes form the basis for all the ten-finger classification systems presently in use.
i. Arch:
In arches the ridges of the finger run from one side to the other with no re-curving. There are two sub groups
Plain arch- This pattern has a consistency of flow in it. It starts from one side of the finger, and then the ridge cascades upward slightly. The plain arch then continues its journey along the finger to the other side.
Tented arch- In tented arch ridges are in the center which are not continuous as in the case of plain arch. The ridges, which adjoin each other in center, converts and thrust upward, giving the impression of the pitched tent.

Plain arch Tented arch
Fig 1.2 Types of

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