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College is the best time of your life! I was so nerves heading into college as a freshman! It seemed so unreal going onto a campus so large and not being the big senior on campus. One of the most challenging in thing was keeping up the all the deadlines for school; applying, picking classes, applying for finial aid and picking out dooms to stay in. I would like to explain the process for applying for finial aide. Applying for aide in college starts in high school. It can be overwhelming but it is all about staying on top of the deadlines, I would keep notes so I would not miss anything. Frist, you need to make sure or have an ideal of what college you would like to attend. Because, you will need to make sure you put of college choices on…show more content…
You will need to review the application and make sure you have fill it out correctly and completely! Review your information on your app and confirm your colleges are correct. Once submitted, the information will be sent to your colleges. Print out a copy of your application for your file and allow processing of your app. Your parents will need to sign it as well. You may also opt to print out the application and mail it in verses completing online! Last, after you have submitted you should receive a conformation email and you should have your own personal ID pin. Allow the application about two weeks to be processed into the system and sent to your colleges on your app. The schools finial aid office should be able to tell you if anything is missing or your need to submit more documentation. As you can see, the process for applying for aide in college is very important as well as very detailed but it is all a part of the college expertise. Apply for federal student aid is only one of about hundred other things but it is one if not the most important to do! Check out for more info and help with applying! Nevertheless, most importantly I hope you attend college and graduate! It is the best years of your

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