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During my observation time at the fire station, the crew and I got to interact with one another about various subjects, whether it was specifically about their job or something personal about them. I introduced myself individually to each of the fire men and told them something interesting about myself. When I told them about my experiences with boxing, each of them were interested and wanted me to show them stuff (Train). I didn’t do this until later on in the evening, when the men had an hour to themselves to rest, workout, sleep etc. During that period of time, I showed them a variety of skills in boxing and they even tried them too. All in all, we seemed to enjoy each other’s presence and learned a lot from each other.

My first objective was to discuss three pros and three cons about being a fire fighter. The first pro that the men explained to me
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One of the physical requirements is a test that measures a certain level of strength, stamina and knowledge of tools, this test is given to them before they can be a full time firefighter. Another physical requirement is bearing the heat and the cold in the winter and summer. In the summer, their suit is too hot and in the winter the suit is too cold. Lastly, the work schedule is physically exhausting on the men, due to long days of nonstop responding to calls. One of the mental requirements is a recently new requirement, which is to become a fire fighter, you most acquire either 90 college credits or a two-year fire science degree. Another mental requirement is that fire fighters must always be ready and prepared at all times, they must make quick and correct decisions in tough situations. Lastly, there is a lot of specialties that this job requires such as just getting to know your area, to respond to emergencies. Another is being familiar with all of the tools on the truck and the engine

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