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Introduction Firewall definition according to Rouse, “A firewall is a network security system, either hardware- or software-based, that controls incoming and outgoing network traffic based on a set of rules.” In lamest terms, a firewall is either a software application or suite, or hardware device configured with governing policies outlining the threshold for permitting and denying packets or data transmissions. (Dr. N., n.d.) As firewall purpose is providing network security through restricting unwanted internal and external data transmissions and requests, and a layer of protection between hackers, crackers, and disgruntle employees. Although firewalls are characterized into five process modes circuit gateway, application gateway, MAC layer, packet filtering, and hybrid firewalls, the two major groups of…show more content…
(“CCNA Security: Operational Strength & Weaknesses of Firewalls”) Speed, hardware firewall is a standalone system designed to handle significant bandwidth load, and respond immediately to network threats. Security, due to containing its own proprietary operating system the system is less prone to hackers’ attacks, and possess advanced security controls that are unavailable with software firewalls. No interference due to the standalone state of the firewall, as the firewall does not affect other applications installed on computer systems, and can easily be moved or reconfigured with limited impact on the network. With all the positives, hardware firewalls are more expensive compared to a single instance installation of a software firewall, so hard firewalls not suited for home use. Additionally, requires in-depth knowledge of security features and components to perform upgrades and installations. Takes up more physical space when compared to software

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