The Importance Of First Aid In The Workplace

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First Aid in Emergencies Nowadays, it is compulsory to implement a medical response in order to handle the emergences situation in workplace. During emergencies, it required immediate response that usually refers to first aid. First aid is an important guide that included steps to assist an injured individual until medical help arrives. Workplaces are unpredictable and there is no certain measure to know when first aid maybe needed. Hence, organizations are providing first aid training for the employees in case of any emergencies happen in workplace. In fact, for some highly risk occupation, OSHA required the organizations consists of at least one employee on duty who has been trained in first aid. First-Aid Training Programmes First-aid…show more content…
The programme provided has created the understanding and preparation of employees to deal with emergencies problems. In certain ways, the awareness of how to apply first-aid can reduce the fatalities and chances of death of workers. However, the training its self is not enough for the immediate response when emergencies happened. Tools and equipment sometimes can be a critical part when it involves lifesaving. First, it is necessary to have well-equip first-aid kits available in workplace. The first-aid kits should be put in a place that is easily approachable and noticeable location. The kit should also be inspected regularly to they are fully equipped. The table is the suggestion of the minimum first-aid kit content. • Sterile gauze dressings in sizes 4 x 4 and 8 x 10 inches • Triangular bandages • Roll of gauze bandages (minimum 2 inches wide) • Assorted adhesive bandages • Sealed moistened towelettes • Adhesive tape • Absorbent…show more content…
A professional officer will be participated in identifying and categorizing the condition of the situation. The profession will be in charge of investigating the existing technique and possible hazards. He needs to discover the safest place, the least safe place and high risk area when spills happened. Last level is when the emergency plan will be ready to be operated. It is recommended to carry out the training under the situation stimulate to the real emergency. All the required tools and equipment should be demonstrated and showed every employees how to fully utilised them. The organization can set up a practice sessions for all the employees to practice how to use the tools and equipments. The practice can help the employees to familiar with the tools and equipment also under the emergency conditions, they will know how to response.

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