Essay On First Amendment In Schools

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Case "B" is about freedom of speech in the First Amendment.
Protecting free expression of students feelings about being vegan is the only way to be. So, their actions included wearing clothing reflecting this idea and avoiding school lunches do to them not being vegan. All of the students verbal and non-verbal expression of opinions caused disruptions in school and a decrease in school made lunches. After a loss by parents and students in their state district court, they filed for a state court of appeals. Even after students and their parents won, the school board went to the state-level supreme court and appealed. This set off a chain reaction for each side to keep appealing the other 's. Finally, the next appeal was the state supreme court’s …show more content…

This type of setting has the right to govern students to provide for a peaceful non-threatening learning environment as outlined in the student handbook.

Students all get handbooks outlining the appearal and behavior expected while participating in school. Clothing that is appropriate can include for holidays and special groups as long as no negative words or pictures prevail such as cuss words or vulgar body parts. This is allowed to ensure students can express themselves in a calm and unalarming way. These are those symbols representing freedom of speech in the First Amendment.

Step 4: Share and Improve I shared my information with my mother. She stated people should be allowed to express themselves but only as long as it is not going to make others very uncomfortable while at school. School is a place to learn and not a place to cause problems. My mother stated I did have enough information for each step. She does not remember the Tinker v. Des Moines case and had no other input about the case. She did feel my paragraphs were a little segmented. I fixed segmented paragraphs in step 3. My mother also found six mis-spelled words before placing the spell checker on it. I fixed the spelling

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